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Manchin condemned the ruling during an interview with WV News on Tuesday. The latest example came Monday, as the 4th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals pulled a key water permit needed for construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. After initially tapping the brake on school reopenings in Guilford County, Superintendent Sharon Contreras rightly slammed the pedal to the floor on Monday. Visit the Events Calendar for a day-by-day view of the activities going on at UConn’s campuses. You can help reduce your risk of cancer by making healthy choices like eating right, staying active and not smoking.
The editor reviews the content of obituaries during the draft stage. Authors should ensure sources are appropriately cited, i.e. the Conservation DistList, newspaper obituary, etc. When reviewing the draft of AIC News, the editor should also note any grammatical, stylistic, or typographical errors, although this will be the ultimate responsibility of the production editor and executive director/managing editor. The challenges are many when launching a new local, nonprofit news outlet, especially in the current newspaper industry climate.
Again, such evidence may be used by those who would seek to undermine Reuters, its staff or our profession. A Reuters journalist shows integrity, impartiality, persistence, accountability and humility when covering people. When these principles are applied, we should be able to defend any story to ourselves, our sources and our readers.
Professionalism and respect for the people and the issues we cover and report about are vital to enhancing the credibility and effectiveness of the Voice of America. VOA staff assist managers whose duty is to ensure that no VOA employee works for any other U.S. government agency, any official media of another state, or any international organization, without specific VOA authorization. In social media and in other public spaces, you are a VOA journalist. It is critical that you are fair, impartial and objective in all public spaces. VOA journalists will not fabricate, distort, or dramatize an event. At no time should information or audio/video content be used to mislead the audience.
This column is meant to facilitate communications among the various conservation membership organizations. Newsworthy items can include information about successful events or projects, upcoming workshops or lectures of note, or organizational news that might benefit the entire membership. The editor and section editor, in coordination with the column contributor, solicits submissions from members. The editor reviews the column and makes the final determination on content. wugt news editorial provides the membership with information about new developments in the field as reported in conferences or seminars.
The editor will answer all letters regardless of when, or whether, they are published. The production editor and editor compile the submissions, prepare the draft manuscripts of AIC News, and provide copies to executive director/managing editor and staff for review. Contributors to AIC News are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide. Contributors are responsible for meeting deadlines and confirming the timely receipt of their submissions by the AIC office. Contributors must acknowledge that the editor and executive director have the final word on content and tone.
I have been a professional editor since joining the journal Cell in 2015. My editorial experience extended through diverse basic science, translational and clinical research topics. I joined The Lancet Group in 2018 as the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of eClinicalMedicine. I have been serving the diabetes and endocrinology communities as Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology since early 2019. Be the resource for what’s happening by managing your community event calendar or by allowing users to post events directly.

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