Econometric Analysis of the Vietnam Era Draft Lottery ProQuest

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For the first five tickets, he went with a $390,000 cash option, which gave him a pretax total of $1,950,000. All Vietnamese lotteries are state-owned but they are not exempt from scandals and issues. The Southern Lottery Council, representing 21 small lottery companies in Vietnam, filed a complaint against its rival Vietlott for allegedly running illegal lottery operations. The council has asked the Ministry of Finance to start an investigation. One lottery ticket consists of six digits, which will be raffled every afternoon.
Vietlott VSMB of thousands of young American men breathed a sigh of relief. For him the drawing was like someone tapping him on the shoulder and saying, “Welcome to the Army, son. You’re going to Vietnam.” Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires. The lower the number was, the higher probability men with the corresponding birthday would be called to serve.
Studying the draft in this manner, they noted a greater frequency of birth dates that called for induction in the mortality records they reviewed. As they reported in their article on the subject, the evidence indicated a 13% higher rate of suicide among draft‐eligible men, as well as an 8% rise in the rate of motor‐vehicle deaths, thus elevating total mortality by approximately 4%. Subsequent research4 re‐examined the effect of lottery numbers on life expectancy and found that the effect of the draft on mortality seemed to dissipate over a longer timeframe. Joel’s story with the draft lottery, and the story of countless other men from the period who faced the draft, seem to contradict Brands’ narrative in his book American Dreams. In discussing how young people viewed the war, Brands spends several pages focusing on the SDS movement and its violent off-shoot known as the Weathermen.
The 1960s were a time of turmoil in the United States, beginning with the civil rights movement which set the standards for practices by the anti-war movement. The 1969 draft lottery only encouraged resentment of the Vietnam War and the draft. It strengthened the anti-war movement, and all over the United States, people decried discrimination by the draft system “against low-education, low-income, underprivileged members of society”. The lottery procedure was improved the next year although public discontent continued to grow. A random procedure will not distribute the lottery numbers uniformly over the months of the year, but this was what some people expected. It happened that November and December births, or numbers 306 to 366, were assigned mainly to lower draft order numbers representing earlier calls to serve.
Namely, some researchers have suggested that draft-eligible status—both through conscription avoidance and veterans benefits, such as the GI Bill—lead draft eligibles to attain higher levels of education. If such an effect exists, the health-enhancing impact of education may counteract the negative effects of military conscription, deployment, or avoidance. Since education is somewhat endogenous to the military processes that we describe, we cannot adequately answer these questions with a fully identified structural model given existing data. That said, we discuss the implications of the draft status–mortality relationship in our Discussion section. In the cross-sectional ordinary least squares analysis, they found significant, deleterious effects.
Lottery in Vietnam is legal and it exists in many different forms, with different rules and prize structure. Roberts’ $25,000 a year for life winning tickets matched all five of the first numbers, but did not match the Lucky Ball. If Roberts had matched the Lucky Ball, he would have won a weekly prize of $7,000 for life. Raymond Roberts Sr., a Vietnam war veteran, claimed his prizes on Thursday, December 15. He chose the $390,000 cash option for five of his six prizes, for a total of $1.95 million.
The benefits covered three or four full years of postsecondary education for most participants. Participants’ received full payment for tuition, books, and supplies at any U.S. higher education institution, along with a stipend to cover living expenses that varied by size of the veteran’s family. The Vietnam-era G.I. Bill stipend for full-time students had about the same value as the WWII G.I. Bill, adjusted for inflation. The benefits were nearly twice the typical cost of tuition, room, and board at 4-year public universities at the time. The complaint came after Vietlott launched the Western-style Mega 6/45 lotto game.
“After we received our red envelopes, my parents would fry up some Bánh tét and serve them for breakfast,” Lewis said. She noted that the Bánh tét is a traditional Vietnamese dish that she only ate during the holiday. “It’s usually served with pickled vegetables in a fish sauce brine, slightly different from the ones you get in a bánh mì,” she said. Lewis always loved picking out the daikon because they soaked in all the flavor and had a nice delicate crunch. Voice of OC’s food columnist — reporting on industry news, current events and trends. Panoringan’s prior work includes writing about food for eight years at the OC Weekly in which she interviewed more than 330 chefs, restauranteurs and industry professionals for her weekly “On the Line” column.
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