11 Resources for Funding Fire and EMS

This is another one of the fundraisers we like to call “NO-RISK ORDER TAKERS” because there really is no risk in losing any money when doing this type of fundraiser. One of the best and easiest ideas for fund raising we’ve come across, is the Discount Card Fundraiser. Over the last few years there has been an increasing need for a highly profitable Fire department fundraiser. Since most people don’t use cash anymore, you can also ask companies to ask their customers to add a change to their bill at the end of their shopping trip. Many companies are willing to work with fire stations to collect funds this way.
These pages are a great place for a year-at-a-glance, a notes page, mission statement or whatever you feel is important! A notes page and year-at-a-glance pages are included in your template download. We offer multiple calendar templates, grids and layout guidelines in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and as a PDF you can use in other programs. Saddle-stitched wall calendars are our most popular and inexpensive. Wall calendar printing is also available in spiral bound or wire-o bound binding styles.
These buttons are created to be worn throughout the daily life of a supporter. Therefore, it’s generally stylish, sophisticated, and ultimately, more expensive. One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do. The four fire-fighters with help from others, twice pulled the truck more than 50 feet.
A matching gift drive leverages the underutilized power of corporate philanthropy to bring in more funding for your organization. A give-it-up challenge is a unique fundraiser and a great exercise in self-control all rolled into one. Your supporters will not only be happy to help your group by buying some items, but they will also appreciate the opportunity to explore an exciting rummage sale in their community. Governments, corporations, and foundations offer a myriad of generous grants to nonprofits that meet certain criteria. More than likely, there’s a grant out there for you—you just need to know where to look. With over 50 years of success, Entertainment® is taking fundraising into the future with the Entertainment® Digital Savings Membership Fundraiser.
Have people sign up and pay a week or two in advance to have breakfast delivered to their door. Offer special breakfast foods like cinnamon rolls or French toast to make the menu extra enticing. When the big day arrives, greet everyone with a smile and a cheery, “Good morning! Pair with local fashion students or designers to set up a fashion show. For example, if your organization focuses on keeping our oceans clean, you might ask for an ocean-related gown or outfit.
Members of your audience can then bid on the dates they want the most. Make sure that the tone of the event is light-hearted, and that it’s evident the event is for a good cause. A ‘teachers vs. parents’ sporting event can be fun for everyone involved. Ask for contributions from your members, plus the larger community. Aim to have a good mix of high- and low-value items, to cater to everyone’s interests and budget. To determine the winners, you’ll need to assign staff members or volunteers as a panel of judges.
And perhaps Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas of you were upset, shocked, angry or displeased. Throw it waaaay back with this car wash and ask local classic car owners to bring their babies for a loving handwash. Advertise a Car Wash and Show to get people to come with their own cars. If your neighborhood fire department has an old fire engine that you can wash, that’s another tried-and-true way to get families to your event.
Not only is this an excellent opportunity to increase awareness and funds for your cause, but it’s an enjoyable event people of all ages will enjoy. While there are many different ways to establish a pizza fundraiser, the following are considered the most successful options. The Fire-Truck Pull Contest is a fun and exciting way to unite the fire department and the community while raising funds. Invite teams from local businesses, schools, and organizations to participate in the contest, and require an entry fee to compete.

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